Copyright Information

Yes, copyright guidelines are a huge issue, and throughout my travels I am always asked about my copyright information. I have worked long and hard to provide designs to my fellow artists, and I ask that everyone be respectful and honest when using my designs. We can all work together!

In the current market there are some who disregard copyright standards and information, maybe because they feel once they purchase a pattern design they can do what they want with the artwork. This is simply not the case. All design work done by Kim Hogue is exclusively owned by Kim Hogue and she alone has the right to reproduce her artwork in any form she chooses. A buyer or student must seek advanced permission from Kim Hogue (the artist) to use any of these designs beyond personal use.

It is important to notify the artist (Kim Hogue) of any copyright infringements in the marketplace. Kim would like her artwork to be enjoyed by all, but in a courteous manner. Please contact Kim if you feel you are not totally clear on this information. Remember, Kim owns all the art and design work, not the public. If you want to continue seeing her designs, it is important that we all work together to ensure the guidelines of copyright are met!

Kim wants her designs to be enjoyed by all. The general copyright guidelines are as follows: 

  • All copyright guidelines are to be followed in the US and abroad.
  • All permission will not be excepted unless consent is requested in writing.
  • All my designs are intended and permitted for Personal Use Only.
  • All designs can be used in a personal manner – painting, stitching, patchwork, scrapbooking or produced in same form to sell for profit, “pin money” at craft shows, EBay, Etsy, on individual websites, blogs, craft venues. Yes, I want you to enjoy and make some money, but keep in mind who the owner of the design is, which would be ME.
  • A person or agency may not reproduce or republish any pattern packets, books or magazine articles that have been created by Kim Hogue, CDA or Heavenly Heart Creations.
  • Pattern packets (directions, line drawings, step by steps, photographs or colored copies) can not be reproduced for resale or for distribution in a classroom, home studio, eBay, Etsy, the internet in general, friends, groups, etc...
  • Under no circumstances can the designs or any artwork be used for mass production, including wholesale companies, any catalog sales, housewares, business or commercial use without first acquiring liscensing rights from the artist.
  • All artwork provided on the website, various pages, pattern packets, newsletters, or free designs are the property of Kim Hogue, CDA and can not be used for anything other than personal use. For any other use, please obtain written permission.
  • Designs, artwork, line drawings, step by steps, examples, or details can not be manipulated in any form by uploading partial or in full, downloading, digital reproduction or editing, scanning etc.
  • Visual step by steps can not be downloaded or resold – these are the property of Kim Hogue, CDA, and she worked hard to provide these as an education tool under her own terms and conditions.
  • Designs can not be reproduced for business/commercial resale or used in the following forms:
    Wood Kits — Scrapbooking — Graphics — Web Design — Advertising — Business Cards
    Written permission must be obtained to go forward with any of the above applications.

Teaching Kim Hogue Designs

Keep in mind, teachers, that my instructional/design pattern packets are copyrighted by Kim Hogue, CDA, and Heavenly Heart Creations. It makes me very happy to know that teachers and students like my designs, and I am willing to keep sharing them. Thank you for your interest, but keep in mind, I am here to work with all of you!

  • I advise – and it would be nice – that all teachers purchase a pattern packet for each student in your classroom. I do offer a wholesale quantity discounts. I know that sometimes this is not possible, so I give you permission to make only one copy of the line drawing for each student. It is necessary to provide my signature and acknowledgment of the said design you are using in the classroom.
  • Teachers are not allowed to copy the entire pattern packet, step by steps, example sheets, photographs or any other additional items contained within the pattern packet for each student in the classroom. Please do not copy and resell partial or all items in pattern packet. Remember, the original design is the property of Kim Hogue, CDA and the intention is for personal use only.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through all these details. I work tireless hours to provide what I know is high quality designs and instructional materials. For such little cost, I try my best to give you – the student, teacher, or hobbyist – the best I can.

Thank you to everyone for your constant support.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Happy Painting

Kim Hogue, CDA
Heavenly Heart Creations

The information in all pattern packets and design materials is presented in good faith: however no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed.