COLOR January 10, 2014

Do You Think About COLOR??

We are barely over this winter season and so many industries, people, designers and the likes, have been thinking about the world of COLOR for months now. Pantone COLORS are created each and every season. As we enter one season, the next has already been plotted out way ahead of time. Do you often wonder how or where things like this are decided upon? Who really makes all these decisions? How in the world do they all think everyone is going to be on board with these must have COLORS for the new season. 

There are COLOR think tanks out there that are all rushing to be on top of the latest and best of anything. If we stop and think about it, COLOR is really based on so many of our daily decisions. The clothes we select each day are based on COLOR. We put together outfits that share the same colors, textures and design patterns. I know some days it is the farthest from my mind, just toss on anything if I am in for a messy day in the studio. Comfy is the only thing I am thinking about…but to be honest, I still look at COLOR. The furnishings decisions in our home, are based on COLOR.  Other things do come into play, but COLOR is at the top of the list...

When buildings, offices, stores, anything are developed, color and theme plays a huge role in the outcome of any architect's or developer’s plans. Trust me, the likes of McDonald’s they trimmed their décor in Red/Yellow because they are high energy colors….the term fast food…no lingering here…the drive through windows were created.


When it comes to fine dining the tones are subdued and classy….well thought out…the atmosphere implies a calm and relaxing environment…known to lower your heart rate…lingering is just what the establishment is hoping for. You are greeted by a maitre-d or hostess…no drive thru in sight. Just viewing this picture makes you want to slow down a bit and enjoy….

fancy restaurant

Yes, COLOR is created to make a statement and impact. 

Textures, design patterns, décor, fabric, etc. change with the times. We have seen so many fads come and go. I have seen plenty over my time, but thank goodness some of my favorites have stuck around. As a designer it can become a bit tricky----do we design to please our territory (demographic) customers---the broad array of people (stateside/internationally)---our own customer base (but that changes all the time)----for companies that we work for or are associated with----design what pleases our likes and interests. As a designer, you do have to be willing to become flexible with the ever changing times…even though it just might not feel right. Yes, COLOR is playing a role once again.

COLOR is a wonderful thing…can you imagine the world and what it would look like without the palette of colors? Just like years ago, you could only view your TV in Black/White.

Black and White

Oh the stories were wonderful but then this happened….


What a difference the world became. Such beauty…COLOR…..

Someone once told me, “If you Create and Paint from the Heart, everything else will fall into place”. So very true, even though now and then we have to bend a little.

Here is a design I created several years ago…Do you see a resemblance in the Brand New Pantone Spring COLORS for 2014? You betcha…everything always comes full circle and COLORS are no different. 67 days and Spring will be upon us...Enjoy....

Pantone colors

Happy Painting….enjoy and surround yourself in COLOR…..


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