Change, Challenge and Commitment April 5, 2012

Change, Challenge and Commitment

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As I pondered this list below, I realized the truth behind these words.  We can be so hard on ourselves.  So many times when we want to try something new, take on a challenge, and start a new venture we have a tendency to start at the top of this list and never get to the "I DID" section at all. Why you say?

Can Do
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It is in our nature to tell ourselves right away, "We won't, "I can't, "I don't know how", and the list goes on.  It is much easier to use these words then to face rejections or failure.  But how do you know you will fail if you never "DID" try.

I always tell my students that everyone has talent, can paint, create and do anything they set their minds out to do.  The word CAN'T, should not enter your thoughts or vocabulary.  Yes, it does not happen overnight and maybe at this very moment it will not be your very best work, but that does not mean you cannot do it or you have failed.  We all have to start at the beginning.  Practice, study and try some more.  Remember the first time you ever got on a bike, I bet you said to yourselves, "There is no way I will be able to control and ride this thing with two wheels down the street".  But lo and behold after many failed attempts you mastered the fate of bike riding.  It happened because you never gave up and you wanted to feel the joy.

Next time you look over the convention catalogs, websites to select pattern packets, chapter or shop seminars start at the bottom of this list and allow yourself to say, "I DID".  Try something new, take from different teachers, move away from your comfort zone and BELIEVE with a CAN DO attitude and not say, "I WISHED I HAD".  First attempts might not be the best outcome and trust me I had many, "Oh my word what was I thinking" moments, but I never gave up.  I am so happy I never gave up, good or bad, because it has brought me to where I am today.  I am still learning each and every day.  Big or small it is amazing how excited I get when I find a new technique, skill, trick or tip.

Spring is here, so think change, challenge and commitment.  Go forward my friends because I know you all have a CAN DO, BELIEVING and I DID attitude.

Happy Easter weekend to all.....

Be creative...




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