Blast from the Past April 1, 2012

Blast from the Past

Today was a day I sat in my studio thinking of the past.  Not sure if it was the start of a new season, month or day, but my thoughts brought me right back to my beginning days.  The days when I made the decision to leave a secure job of 15 years to open a home based studio and begin my business, Heavenly Heart Creations.  Nerves set in, but I was determined to conquer my dreams to become a business owner, artist, designer and teacher.  Did I have a business plan set in place, no not really, but I had passion, desire and dedication. This was sure to help me succeed.

I started out small and every year my classes increased leap and bounds.  I would spend all summer looking through my endless files of books, magazines and pattern packets to produce projects for my 8 classes per week.  This was always my hardest decisions because I treasured them all, but finally the selections were made; wood cut and then my planned projects would be painted.  Details, embellishments and adding my own touches were always my goal to be different. Knew my students were ready for any challenge.  Excitement would then set in for the arrival of September and the return of my students.

I truly BELIEVE I would not be where I am today without the encouraging words my classroom students gave to me each week.  It's because of them I began designing and took my business to the next level. I thank and still miss them all, each and every day.  I have not been teaching in my home based studio for many years and today I was reflecting.  It makes me think how truly lucky I have been throughout the years.  Oh trust me, it has not always been easy and there is times where I have thought I took the wrong path.  But then I stop, think about what I am doing and tell myself, "No way, I am meant to be right where I am".

Past memories are the best and there is not a day that goes by I do not think of all my students I had along the way in my studio.  You all have made me who I am today.  You gave me the chance to contine my dreams and to know I can BELIEVE I can do anything.

Painting friends are the best and my only hope is that I taught you how to love the paintbrush and know you can create anything.

I would like to leave you all with a few past projects.  Spring is now in the air!!!  Told you even way back then I loved my details and dressing projects up. 




Mrs. Jones

This bunny, Mrs. Jones, was created for a project taught at my chapter Yankee Heritage many years ago and then put into a pattern packet.  Never knew this was the beginning of a new adventure.  I have never looked back.  Well just a little....today was so humbling....thank you all for making me realize I have a gift.  But once I opened this gift I knew it was meant to share. 

Happy Painting my friends,


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