Do Not Be Afraid of Color January 2, 2012


I recently put out a post on Facebook asking the following:

Okay now that most of you have or begun to remove the Christmas/holiday decorations from your home, what season or decor do you lean towards....snowmen collections...jump into Valentines/St. Patti's for some or leap right into a little Spring.
For me I just cannot seem to let go of my Snowmen collections right away. Also thinking about mixing in a few heartfelt items....hmmmm...your thoughts???

I thought this was a great question and response. Thank you Lisa.

Love the snowmen! I was actually wondering the same thing though. I am not fond of pale colors, I like dark vibrant, fall, jewel tones. How do you bring them into late winter and spring?

I thought to myself, "I bet there are more of you out there thinking the same thing". So I put together these tricks and tips.  Remember this is just something that I have found that works for me and has opened a whole new world  for me.  Also feel it is an easy way to help the beginner/Intermediate student to move outside their comfort zone.  There is lots more to color but it is a start.

I always say there is a world out there full of color and there is nothing wrong with having your favorite colors to paint, decorate and create with, so go for the fall, dark vibrant, jewel tones.  I actually like to design using nontraditional colors, because it is nice to change things up a bit.  Creative leeway...as a designer it helps to do things different so your students, customers or clients find something that appeals to them.  I admit I do lean towards things that make me happy.

Here is a trick you can try, to help with changing colors within a design or pattern that you like to use. 

Keep in mind, it is my helpful hint and it might not be totally correct, but it works for my students and me.  Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and to the paint department.***  Notice the section with all the paint chips and take the ones that are your favorite colors you like to paint with.  It is best to always get the stripes that have at least 4 values. Take them home and punch a hole at the top of each stripe and place them on a ring...now you have your own decorator chart.  When you want to paint, (or change the colors of a design) go to the stripes and select all the colors you want to use.  Now you are ready to base coat your project...go down to the medium value (best to stay within this range) so you have options for highlights and shading.  Take the stripes to your paint rack and pick a color out as close to the color on the stripe as possible.  Now you are wondering, great, I have the base coat colors, now what....I am a DecoArt user so now you want to go to their website, and here is the link you will find the right highlighting and shading color:  http://www.decoart.com/Tips/

So now you have the base coat colors and now you have the right shading and highlighting colors.  So now, you want to either go darker or lighter, find the color on the chart you just last used and see what is the next highlight or shading color.  You can repeat this step over and over until you are satisfied.  I find this chart to be a huge help in my everyday designing.  I hope all this has made sense.


Another tip:

Cut cardstock into squares and paint them with your favorite colors you like to use, so you will have these handy all the time at your painting table.  You can also write on the back any information that is needed…like the right shading and highlight color or any other information you want to remember.  Punch a hole at the top of each card and put all the painted cards onto a ring. 

Hope I gave you a little insight as to how to change things up and paint outside the box.  Next time you look at my, or anyone else’s designs, do not worry about the color scheme, because YOU CAN change things up so it will fit into your décor. 

*** Make sure you ask permission at the paint counter before you proceed to remove the paint chip stripes.  I have never had a problem...just polite to ask.  We do not want to leave the store with an empty display case.  Smiling at you...

Paint always with a Happy Heart my friends.


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