Thinking Outside the Box May 28, 2011

Yes, this is daunting for many of you…including me.  Lots of times I get so hung up on my own technique that I do not venture to far from my comfort zone.  The past few months I formed a pact with myself to do just that, branch out from this comfort zone and Think Outside the Box.  As an artist, I believe it is important to always grow, advance your education, try brand new things, share with fellow artists, network and most of all tell yourself you can do it

The first thing I told myself is not to judge projects on my likes (color, style, theme, etc.) but ask the question, “How much will I learn”?  So many of us do not go forward with a certain class or project because colors do not fit into our home décor, do not like the surface, the style is not to your liking but look beyond these issues.  Actually classes that have turned out to be my favorites, are ones that did not really appeal to me in so many areas.  Learning something new was on the top of my priority list.  I might have only learned a couple of things, but just imagine how those couple new techniques will multiply if you start to Think Outside the Box and remove yourself from that comfort zone.  You will enhance yourself as a teacher, designer, crafter or artist.  There is a great deal of talent among us, but when it comes to products and techniques, there is even a larger amount.  Educating yourself in the use of new products and techniques is the best way to bring something new into your creative world. 

A couple weekends ago, I received an email from Right at Home Scrapbooking, a wonderful local store chucked full of all sorts of goodies.  As I was looking over their class calendar, a project struck my interest.  Yes, I was totally Thinking Outside the Box, but the question I asked, “Can I learn lots of new things”?  Quickly my question was answered just by reading the class description.  I called and got a spot in the class.   


Right away when I entered the classroom and looked around at the other students, I realized that I had small amount of supplies compared to the other diehard scrap bookers, but that was fine.  Told myself I am here to learn.  Supplies can be bought a little at a time, but education remained the most significant thing on my agenda.  Was there to learn!!!

Just a few minutes into the class I knew I had struck a homerun by signing up for this class.  The instructor, Kathie was fantastic, taught with such ease, was so well prepared, shared all her products (good because I had little) and had loads of enthusiasm. 

All things were precut and ready to go.  My kind of class…get right down to the fun.

Thinking outside the box 4

Wow so many products I got to use hands on and loved all of them.  My head was spinning and thinking of all the ways I could use these products in my designs.  Not only did I not know how to correctly use the products, I did not even know they existed.  Products used during class, check out Tim Holtz and Claudine Hellmuth, this is just the tip of the creative market.  If only I had more hours in a day.

Thinking outside the box 5

For me the main focus during the class was to take in all that I could learn and educate myself with all the different products.  I did not finish in class, but did once I returned back into my studio.  I added my little touches…you know me I love my details.  There is nothing wrong with adding your personal touches to make your project special. 

Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box 3

Thinking outside the box 2

I want you all to Think Outside the Box and tell yourself…WHAT AM I GOING TO LEARN??!!!  If you think the class is too advanced, contact the teacher and discuss your concerns.  Take the leap…what fun it will be. 


Happy Creating my friends....Kim




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