I am lucky to have a Job I really Love!!!! May 10, 2010

Not everyone can say that...but I sure can!!!!

Let me tell you why I thought I would never be lucky enough to be doing what I really love, and that is TEACHING

As far back as I can remember, during my childhood, one of my favorite pastimes was playing school. Oh yes, and I always wanted to be the teacher, not the student. I had to sometimes fight hard for that position, but my controlling personality (even way back then) paid off. I always got to be in my favorite spot...in front of the classroom. I made it fun, I created projects and tried to make learning interesting, even through the class consisted only of my sister and friends.

One Christmas I asked for a big blackboard, chalk, pens/pencils, writing pads, and art supplies. Also, added in a few decorations. I was planning that perfect place to teach. So funny how I knew at such a young age how important a teacher was in your life. Throughout my educational years, I have had so many inspirational, positive, energetic, and fabulous teachers. But not all were great and some did not leave me with a lasting impression. I use to think that these teachers really do not like their jobs. So important to have passion in what you are doing, because it is contagious, and the people around you will feel the same.

As I entered my Senior year in high school, my will to become a teacher was stronger than ever. I spent 3 afternoons a week in a 3rd grade classroom as a student aide. These kids had such a will to learn and they became so excited when they mastered something new. Seeing their little eyes light up, made me even dream harder for a classroom full of students. However the teacher in this classroom did not share the same enthusiasm, and each day she would whittle away at my dreams and desires with these discouraging worda:

Teaching is a non rewarding job

Teaching gives no satisfaction

Teaching is not for everyone

Teaching is no longer fun

See that child, there is nothing more I can do!!

As a young person, I held up respect for this 65 year old teacher (I know now she was ready for retirement) and she managed to change my dreams and desires. I could not believe that anyone would think being a teacher was not a rewarding job, that it gave no satisfaction, that it might not be for everyone, but I knew it was for me, no longer fun, you have to make it fun and the most discouraging comment to hear from a teacher is that they have given up on a student. Good or bad, you have to work hard to make that student shine.

No, after graduation I did not pursue my teaching dreams. A few jobs later I began to feel my heartstrings being tugged at, and I knew then, that teaching was where I needed to be.

In 1988, I left a long standing job to venture into that dream. It was not in a school with my own huge classroom filled with kids, but it was in my home based art studio. This is where I began to teach adults to paint...it was Heaven.  I actually think this became the reason behind my business name Heavenly Heart Creations.  I am in Heaven being in the classroom, love anything with hearts, art is my passion and just being able to be creative every single day. 

So many years have passed, since I first opened my doors to my studio, and it has given me more, than I could have ever imagined. Not only has teaching given me so much, it also has led me to my current desires designing, creating (anything) and traveling. 

To all my students past, present, abroad and the future, you have given me so much to be thankful for. You brought back my childhood desires and dreams.  My only hope for each of you, is that I sparked that interest in you, to love the artistic world as much as I do. It is a huge world and so many wonderful artists to admire, but I am so glad you have given me the chance to share my passion with all of you. 

Teaching is beyond rewarding.

Teaching is SATISFACTION....the only word to describe this profession.

Teaching is for ME!!! Love every minute of it...always miss the classroom when I am not there.

Teaching is fun  and I try hard to make it a happy place to be.

Every student can paint and I know for sure you can. 

It never gets dull hearing from a student, "Thank you so much for sharing and it is because of you that I truly love to paint". 

What job could be better...





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