My Seminar Adventure at O’Flanary’s Emporium March 13, 2010

Oflanarys 1

For several years, I have ventured to Redlands, CA to teach at Judy Coates shop, O’Flanary’s Emporium, the first weekend right after attending the Creative Painting convention as a vendor. My trip would not be complete, if this seminar was not on my calendar. This year was no exception. I always arrive a few days early to get things underway. Always good to have a little time to kick back, and relax, before the seminar begins on Saturday. It is a short trip from Vegas to CA… took to the air, via Southwest airlines… arrived in Ontario, CA primed for some sunny weather… not this time… but you know what, it truly does not matter what is happening with the weather, I always look forward to meeting my regular students and getting the opportunity to be amidst several new painting friends… cannot imagine a better way to spend my weekend.

Blog 3 image1 Always look forward to the goodies that Judy prepares for all the students. Look at what each student had waiting for them at their designated painting area…

Judy takes the time to hand paint each, and every student a pin, so they can wear them throughout the seminar. She typically selects a section from the seminar project to use as the theme… It is amazing how various students have kept and attached each pin, from previous years, to their painting apron. It brings back lots of memories. Inside the charming bags were all their goodies for the weekend and a couple modest snacks… yes we do get the munchies…

Let the seminar begin… we had two fun-filled days of painting. Look at the tables… I think all the students came prepared… cannot live without all our favorite tools… painters and all our gadgets. Do you think they worked up a thirst?

Blog 3 image2

Really concentrating on that detail and line work and doing a great job.

Blog 3 image3

Blog 3 image4

O’Flanary’s is where I get the opportunity to test out my convention projects for the upcoming year. It is a great way to establish timing, tweak some areas, and just have some downright fun. Hope they all learned a few new tips and tricks. It is always my aim to design something new and different. Challenges are the best way to educate and better your skills.

Blog 3 image5

It is always a pleasure to see everyone wearing a happy smile. I think the results were great….

Blog 3 image6

This table was having way too much fun… but that is what makes these painting seminars so much fun… You all make my job so much easier…

Blog 3 image7

Lots of painting friends, yummy food (yes there was plenty of that), amazing company, such gracious hosts, makes for a grand way to begin my seminar season.

Blog 3 image8

Blog 3 image9

Thank you so much Judy, for all your hard work, being a gracious hostess, sharing great conversation and for providing another great seminar for all to enjoy. Thank you Judy Craik for being with us for two days, a great classroom monitor and yes, you should paint with us next year… hint… hint… Jan thanks for all your help with the preparations on Friday… such a big help as always.

To all my students past, present and future thank you for your constant support it truly is a joy for me to get the opportunity to share with you what I know and I hope you left the seminar knowing a little more than the day before. Until next year… happy painting my dear friends…


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